DEBRA EVE… author*blogger*archaeologist

Proud Late Bloomer and Possessor of Many Passions.

I love to shift myths about aging and unearth new archetypes, and consider “Once upon a time” a timeless call to adventure.

At 36, I earned an MA in Archaeology. At 40, I backpacked solo across Europe. At 46, I married the love of my life.

Now I write about fellow late bloomers while plotting my next grand adventure. You’ll recognize Charles Darwin, Bram Stoker, Julia Child, and many more at my blog Later Bloomer.

My first book, Later Bloomers: 35 People Over Age 35 Who Found Their Passion and Purpose (published at age 53) remains a Kindle favorite.

My new project, Boho Woman Magazine, is a lifestyle blog for the woman of a certain age…the flower child, mystic, glam rocker, and sage.

Join me! Dig for meaning. Author your own adventure. Unfurl your gypsy soul. Bloom… and bloom again.